Veterinary Marketing for Less Than a Postage Stamp

marketing for veterinarians

Veterinary Marketing for Less

Companies often drain you for postage, but not! We lead the industry in excellent low-cost marketing for veterinarians. We uphold a positive relationship with your local post office to maintain the high quality and low prices our clients have come to expect from our name.

  • From addressing to delivery, your cards are cared for every step of the way.
  • An exceptional support team will help you with any questions or concerns you might have along the way.
  • It’s simple — choose to market with, and our team will do the rest!

Other companies just print and send your postcards and then see what happens.

We promise to confirm your delivery and track your calls in order to prove to you, with actual data, that your marketing works!

Marketing for Vets Response Guarantee

Your marketing campaigns will get a response, guaranteed! Although there are errors outside our control, we promise to ensure that every postcard you print will be delivered. We are the only veterinary marketing company with this one-of-a-kind guarantee. Your postcards will be delivered or we will print and ship them again for free! At we believe in giving you the cheapest cost, not the cheapest marketing.

The response guarantee only covers cards we design that use a call tracking number. Contact us for more information.

Drop Shipping Delivers You More Animals to Help…Fast!

To guarantee a smooth marketing campaign, we drop ship your postcards to your local post office in the middle of the week. The post office then delivers your cards within 48 hours, ensuring optimal results.

Benefits of Drop Shipping:

  • Precise start of week delivery gives you stronger call response
  • Cards are rarely lost in delivery
  • Tracking precision
  • Lower costs through local postal discounts is the best veterinary marketing option in the business. Our clients are confident that we offer the quality and comfort you need to establish a business relationship. Marketing for veterinarians has never been easier! Grow your clinic now with

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