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Find out how our veterinary consultant program works by watching the video below. Then sign up by entering your information in the form to the right. – Your Veterinary Marketing Consultant

Here at, we believe that your advertising campaign should be a reflection of the loyalty and commitment you give your patients. Because of that, we use only the very best products and processes to give you the best value for your marketing dollar.

We believe that you should have the final say in all aspects of your advertising campaign and we work hard to ensure the ultimate success of you and your clinic. With your knowledge of your area and our expert veterinary consultants, we guarantee that our direct mail campaign will get you results.

We have delivered millions of postcards for many clients, ensuring the speedy and efficient success of your direct mail campaign! We give you exceptional customer service, access to our expert veterinary consultants, exclusivity for your clinic, and the lowest prices on the market!

Here’s how it works:


Create the postcard of your dreams with our large collection of templates and designs. Use our FREE design critique on an existing card or we’ll fashion a new card to your exact specifications.


To target new clients, we first give you a FREE custom practice map and a FREE demographic report. We then create a targeted mailing list for you that will pinpoint clients that best match your focus. If you want to concentrate on new customers, list de-duplication is provided for free.


Next, your postcard design is printed to exceedingly high standards to uphold the polished image of your clinic. We then address the postcards, affix the postage, and drop ship them to your local postal center, quickening the speed by which they reach their destination. Accurate delivery and maximum discounts are ensured by performing constant CASS/DVP certification and list updates.


Our call tracking monitors your direct mail campaign results and ensures fast results with our response guarantee. Our FREE veterinary staff training enables your staff to make the most out of received calls. We provide staff results by scoring and analyzing conversations which drastically enhance your success. We even track all of your missed calls so that you can call back potential clients and get them to your clinic. And the best part about it is, you get it all at no additional charge!

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