A Philosophy of More Pets for Our Veterinarians

Here at Petmarketing.net, we understand that marketing can be one of the most difficult things to master as you work to successfully expand your clinic. You’ve signed a long-term lease, spent a small fortune on start up equipment, and started your clinic.

Now it’s time to bring in more pets. But, do you advertise on television, on the internet, in magazines, with direct mail or with something else a veterinarian consultant recommends? And how do you know what the true return is each time you spend a dollar on marketing? Some veterinarians are instantly successful, while others spend thousands of dollars trying to figure this business out. Marketing for veterinary clinics can be a headache – and that is where we can help.

At Petmarketing.net, we believe that direct mail provides you the most reliable method of building your clinic quickly at the lowest cost. Let us take care of your veterinary clinic marketing and help you succeed.

Our Philosophy of Doing Business

  • We promise to show you how well your marketing works with data and statistics. 
  • We promise to give you the lowest prices on the market for you direct mail advertising. 
  • We promise to bring you clients by using modern technology and techniques. 
  • We promise to communicate openly and effectively. 
  • We promise to have a thorough understanding of the pet owner’s individual needs.
  • We promise to have an exceptional knowledge of all available veterinarian marketing options.

These philosophies have allowed us to provide successful veterinary clinic marketing campaigns at a much lower cost than most were used to paying. Our direct mail campaigns will promptly find you more animals to help, and at the lowest price out there!

In this unpredictable economy, consumers are more and more stiff about how they spend their precious dollars. And, the Internet has flooded consumers with information, making crafting a successful marketing campaign more and more complicated.

Choose a marketing partner that will put you first. Our philosophy will help you add more pet owners to your clinic every month, spend as little as possible, and impress your clients every time.