Common Call Tracking Questions

Q:  Can you track and score my existing call tracking numbers for me?

A:  Absolutely, and we’ll do it for free. You would be responsible for any porting charges from your old provider.  We also allow you to transfer your number back to your ownership at any time.

Q:  Will I be charged for missed calls?

A:  Yes.  Missed call alerts are one of the most important reasons that our clients love our service.  The average practice misses 30% of its calls.  With missed call alerts from, you will now be able to capture those potential clients and increase your revenue by as much as 30%.  With our service, you get instant missed call notifications so that you never miss an opportunity.

Q:  Am I charged for prank calls or wrong numbers?

A:  No.  We still score those calls to verify that it wasn’t a potential lead, but you don’t pay a cent.

Q:  What criteria do you use to score calls?

A:  Your calls are scored on 37 key performance indicators, which track the effectiveness of your office staff. Our clinics find the information to be invaluable to train and coach those that are answering the phones and help them turn more of the calls into new patients.  We also have a Training & Coaching program you can take advantage of where we do all the work with your staff which includes a personal coach.

Q:  What information is available on the reports you provide?

A:  You’ll find everything from how many appointments to who took the call, when the appointment is scheduled for, what the practice’s closing ratio is and much, much more.  You’ll have more detail than you’ve ever had and we’ll make sure it’s all information that is valuable, actionable, and helpful so that you can enhance your ROI.  If you ever have questions about your reports, you can always give your RAM, or Regional Account Manager, a call as well.

Q:  How do the Missed Call Notifications work?

A:  You will receive an email notification of a missed call the second the caller hangs up, so you can immediately call them back and set the appointment.  Statistically the average practice misses about 30% of their calls.  That means you could increase your number of appointments by as much as 30% just by returning your missed calls.

Q:  How much are your telecommunications providers porting fees?

A:  We don’t charge a porting fee and currently, our providers do no not have a porting fee they charge, though if you requested we port a number to another provider, the receiving provider may have a porting fee you would incur, which we have no control over.