Veterinary Call Scoring


Did you know that more than half of the new leads you generate by use of ad campaigns are lost during the first phone call? If you think about that, it means that a massive amount of the potential clients that call your practice never end up in your clinic. Have you thought about how much your bottom line increase would be if you were converting 75%, or even 100%, of your leads to new customers?

Key Performance Indicators

Most veterinarians don’t have a defined metric of measuring the effectiveness of your office staff.  For that reason, we have developed our key performance indicators (KPI’s) to evaluate the performance of your veterinary staff. If you don’t know how your staff is performing, how can you get them to do better?

We score each and every call on 37 different criteria ranging from whether or not the “office staff identified themselves” to whether or not the “office staff asked the caller to set an appointment.” We have done the research and found that clinics whose staff consistently asked for appointments had significantly higher close ratios than those that didn’t.

How veterinarian call scoring works

This is how our call scoring product works:

  • Your calls are recorded and stored in a database for scoring
  • Our team of call scorers receives the call and grades it on 37 criteria
  • We make detailed reports about your office staff which include areas where they are performing well and details on the skill(s) they could improve on
  • You receive the reports, congratulate your staff for doing such a great job, and then train them to be even better

Call scoring enables us to know who needs improvement, and what improvements need to be made.  With this we can train your staff in the best way possible to increase your bottom line. It’s about time that you started capturing the full value of your marketing campaigns. Call us today at 888-997-3879 to learn more about how call scoring can change the face of our practice!